Response to COVID-19


Report COVID-19 Scammers

When you see an ad, email, text message, or you pick up a call and the offer is to reserve your vaccine appointment, know it’s a scam. The CDC will not require your social security number or banking information, if you feel that it is a scam, hang up and call the number below.

To report COVID-19 scammers, call: (207)-287-8016


As a result of Governor Mills’ rural opening of Washington County, the city of Calais is taking measures to safely and responsibly open the city building to the public effective Tuesday, May 19, 2020. Citizens must enter through the parking lot/rear entrance, conduct their business, and then exit through the main entrance on to Church Street. For the safety of the public and the city employees, only five customers will be allowed inside the building at one time. Social distancing guidelines will be followed, and the wearing of masks is encouraged. Those wishing to avoid physical contact are encouraged to utilize the drop box at the main entrance or take advantage of the bill pay options available on the city website. For those requiring handicapped accommodations, please call ahead (454-2521) so we can effectively and efficiently meet your needs.

The city playgrounds are currently under construction; therefore, the city parks and playgrounds will be open to the public on June 1, 2020. The playground equipment will be disinfected periodically by city employees, but parents certainly have the option to sanitize the equipment at their own discretion.

The city library will be opening to the public on June 2, 2020 with the maximum capacity of five people at a time. Please enter and exit through the parking lot entrance.

The City of Calais considers all businesses in our community essential. As these local businesses reopen safely and responsibly, the city reminds citizens to respect the unique safety measures each individual business has taken. The city trusts its citizens will continue to make every effort to ensure individual and public safety. Because of the conscientious efforts put forth by you, the citizens, we have prevented community spread in Washington County. We need to maintain this awareness and continue to be mindful of the older adults and community members at high risk.

During this reopening phase, we realize that not all citizens feel comfortable with public interaction. For these individuals, the city continues to offer assistance with its volunteer service, which offers pick-up and delivery of essential supplies. Those interested in this as an option should contact the city building. In addition, many of the local businesses still offer special shopping hours.

The city recognizes and fully appreciates the numerous sacrifices made by every member of this community. Covid-19 has created many obstacles and concerns, but if we continue to respect the needs of others, we as a community will not only endure, we will emerge unified.

At this time, we have asked our First Responders to continue to practice social distancing to the extent possible. Residents are asked to call ahead with questions or concerns and face-to-face interactions will be limited whenever practical. First Responders may also ask you to stand back in order to maintain the recommended six-foot distancing. Please understand that this is an effort to keep them healthy and able to respond to emergencies. Rest assured that care or interaction will not be restricted if close contact is necessary during an emergency. Our First Responders are committed to the providing the best service to the fullest extent possible and in the professional manner residents have come to expect.


City of Calais Supply Delivery Program

If you are a resident in the Calais area and are unable to leave your home due to quarantine, both self and mandatory, or are at high risk with underlying health concerns, the city has a list of volunteers that will pick-up and drop-off essential supplies to you.

The delivery program works as follows:

  • The customer is required to contact the supply store.
  • The customer places the supply order.
  • The customer arranges payment with the chosen store.
  • The customer provides the store with delivery information- Name, Address, and Phone Number.

The supply store will contact the city building and provide staff with the customer information, at which point, the city will reach out to area volunteers to coordinate pick-up and drop-off of essential supplies and provide customer with an approximate time of delivery.

The city will offer this service Monday through Friday between the hours of 10 am to 2 pm. If any member of the public has questions about this program, call 454-2521 for more information.


Message from the Assessor’s Office

I have had a few questions on whether the State of Maine will be extending the April 1st deadline due to COVID-19. It is unlikely that there will be an extension.

If you have not sent in your Homestead, Veteran, or Blind Exemption Applications OR for Current Land Use Programs- Farmland, Open Space or Tree Growth Applications, please make sure you do so , the State of Maine has extended the April 1st deadline, but please get them in as soon as possible.  (You may fax, e-mail, mail or drop it in the drop box at the City Building).

More information about the exemptions can be found at;

More information about the Current Land Use Programs can be found at;

Inspections have also been postponed, but I will be taking photos for documentation of what was done as of April 1st, 2020.

If you need assistance with anything, please feel free to call or email me.

Tel: 207-454-2521 ext. 1006 Fax: 207-454-2757


Department Phone Numbers and Emails

  • City Manager: 207-454-2521 ext. 1001

  • City Clerk: 207-454-2521 ext. 1000

  • Finance Director: 207-454-2521 ext. 1003

  • Revenue Collector: 207-454-2521 ext. 1005

  • Assessor/Code Enforcement: 207-454-2521 ext. 1006

  • Recreation Department: Business Phone: 207-454-2761
    Cell Phone: 207-214-8792

  • Public Works: 207-454-2763

  • Police Department: Non Emergency 207-454-2751

Voicemail Box: 207-454-2752

  • Fire Department: 207-454-7400