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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department promotes, coordinates, and enforces land use activities within the City of Calais in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan and applicable ordinances. Some areas of involvement include the Planning Board, Board of Appeals, site plan review process, downtown revitalization, and zoning and land use.  Code Enforcement is also responsible for the issuance and inspection of the following:


Lead and Asbestos Disposal and Precautions

EPA Lead Paint Regulations

Lead Removal Tip Sheet

HUD Lead Paint Removal Manual

Asbestos Notificiation Form Instructions

Asbestos and Demolition

Land Use Codes

Land Use Codes Ordinances

Shoreland Zoning

Shoreland Zoning Regulations

Zoning and Shoreland Zoning Map

Permits and Forms- Fillable PDFs

Building Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Planning Board Action Request Form

Application for Permit for Changes in the Business Revitalization District

Application to Place Construction Equipment on City Property

Andrea Walton
Code Enforcement Officer & Plumbing Inspector
207-454-2521 ext 1006